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How Twitter’s geo data fuelled a fast food ad targeting campaign

Summary: Locomizer used geo-enabled tweets to pinpoint user segments with a high affinity for eating/drinking and fast food in order to extrapolate them on a whole population of central Madrid for a fast food mobile ad targeting campaign. As the result, Twitter data proved to drive the click through and conversion rates by 40% and […]

Part 2: What is a geo-behavioral user interest profiling?

Creating user interest profiles, as discussed in Part 1, is just one side of the story, the second part is that we can aggregate and anonymise those profiles to extrapolate on the whole population. We call it the Geo-Behavioral Interest Graph (The Graph) or Footfall API when we want to monetize it as a product. Imagine getting […]

How do two million tweets look on a map?

We build people interest profiles based on any kind of location data, including geo-enabled tweets. This week I am going to share a mobile targeting use case locomizer did based entirely on tweets with location feature switched on. Ever wondered what will be the map look like if you put a dot for every geo-enabled […]

Locomizer’s Geo-Behavioral Banner

As some of you know, Locomizer was participating in the Super Mobility Week (CTIA Startup Lab) trade show in Las Vegas this September. The event itself was a huge success and we made a lot of biz dev and VC connections. But today we just wanted to share a snapshot of our brand new banner […]

Part 1: What is a geo-behavioral user interest profiling?

We all leave a digital footprint as we move from one place to another in our daily lives. It can be an explicit check-in into a restaurant, geo-tagged Facebook update, geo-enabled tweet sent from a smartphone or it can be a credit card payment at one of the physical point of sales. The reality is […]