Locomizer Deciphers Irrational Consumer Behaviour with Biological Intelligence and Launches Audience Map for Marketers to Discover Brand-Centric Audiences on the Fly

Locomizer launches a self-serve SaaS dashboard to discover target audiences for any brand, service or product and offers 50% off during December 2016.
LONDON, Dec. 7, 2016 – Locomizer, the company applying Biological Intelligence (BI) to match brands with relevant audiences for effective targeting ROI, today announced that it has launched its Audience Map, a targeted broadcasting platform to discover dynamic audiences for out of home (OOH) and geo-fence targeting campaigns. The platform is an ideal planning tool for agencies and brands that want to reach out to receptive crowds with a street-level granularity.

Locomizer analyzes big data from anonymous sources and builds predictive audience model available through the data-as-service analytics platform. With its help a client can select from hundreds of audience categories, narrow down the search to a very granular level and discover when and where to reach out to a very responsive crowd.

Based on the deliverables of previous Locomizer product implementations, the ROI of marketing and advertising campaigns driven by the technology increased twice.

“Given Artificial Intelligence’s limitations in predicting ‘irrational’ human behavior, Locomizer is introducing the biological approach as a solution, which doesn’t contradicts but rather complements the AI development,” said Dr. Alexei Poliakov, cofounder of Locomizer. “BI considers human behavior and the power of association and affinity as a native computation. Biological Intelligence has a major advantage at its core: it understands that systems have intelligence and a collective behavior, even without a brain. Therefore, instead of trying too hard to predict one consumer’s behavior in isolation, BI can effectively crowd source behavior, and save a big computational headache.”

Locomizer is announcing the launch of its Audience Map at the Unbound London 2016 conference on December 7th, where the company will be conducting the Audience Map demo sessions for the Unbound attendees. To mark the official release of the product, Locomizer is offering the subscription introductory plans with a 50% discount to those who sign up during December 2016.

“Locomizer is excited to help our customers significantly reduce their marketing planning costs with this first-of-its-kind dashboard self-serve service,” said Alexei N. Poliakov, cofounder of Locomizer. “The Audience Map enables marketers to instantly discover audience segments on a map by typing in a keyword and hitting a search button in a Google Search-like user interface. The audience heatmaps will be created on the fly.”

The tool is available in three options, with subscription price starting from $299 during December offer.

The registration for a free seven-day trial version of Audience Map is open now at http://signup.locomizer.com/.

New Locomizer’s video explainer

Try to explain what you do in a 30 second video piece? You bet. We accepted the challenge and created a video explainer, which we are putting online. What do you think? Is the video helpful to understand what Locomizer is after?

Advertising campaigns fueled by Locomizer data report significant uplift and get nominated for prestigious marketing awards

image: courtesy of thedrummarketingawards.com

image: courtesy of thedrummarketingawards.com

It’s a busy time for marketing award announcements for out-of-home advertising campaigns here in UK and some good news pops up for our partners and locomizer team. We are very proud to say that two campaigns fueled by Locomizer AffinityBI algorithm’s consumer data insights were short listed for industry awards.

Jameson Campaign run by Havas Media and Posterscope

First comes the From Dad’s to Lad’s OOH campaign for Jameson Irish Whiskey launched last year UK nationwide. The challenge was to “shift awareness and move Jameson Whiskey from a spirit for ‘Dads’ to one for ‘Lads’, to increase consumption with 25-34 males.” The campaign was actually nominated for three awards:

It is not a surprise that Jameson campaign gained such a traction as the after-campaign results reported by Havas Media are very impressive indeed. The campaign “smashed the objectives”, increasing the following KPIs:

  • “Brand you see more of” up to 13% (+225% vs target)
  • “Brand for me” up to 16% (+60% vs target)
  • “On trade consideration” up to 21% (+40% vs target)”

Fallout4 Campaign run by Posterscope and Target Media

Our second campaign short-listed for a marketing award actually competes with Jameson’s in the same category. The Bethesda’s Fall Out 4 OOH campaign got nominated for The Clear Channel Outdoor Planning Award in the “Best use of data and insights” category. The data challenge we worked on was to intelligently decide where to effectively reach out to the audience highly receptive to Bethesda’s most recent game hit Fallout 4.

Maximising advertising spend through qualified targeted marketing


We live in a world full of information and insight into how we behave. There is information available on what we buy, where we spend our money, where we travel to and from at which times of day and even what we think about things.

This data generated is tracked through closed schemes run by networks and retailers and some is publically available as we tweet, post or message freely from our numerous devices. We are no longer tied to a location which makes it more difficult to ensure we get the intended advertising messages.

All of this available information is of great value to our marketing partners who are looking for better ways to profile social and geo data so they can device better ways to get their message to the right person first time.

Traditionally there are categories of data that will be purchased to look at the behavioural movements of a target audience. These are things like Footfall Flow and Demographics. Depending on who you purchase data from you tend to get one or the other or in some cases both. Although interesting in terms of what this data represents it is not without its limits and usefulness. There is still very much an element of scatter gun marketing required when using this data.

Locomizer consumes multiple data types across footfall, and social media sources then categorises the single combined data set into lifestyle category keywords refined by our patent-pending algorithm that filters by location, interests, sentiment and other unique filters allowing our marketing partners to identify the best physical location and time of day to advertise.

Using the Locomizer platform we are able to increase the value of existing campaign data by unlocking insights that were previously unavailable in the data. Advertisers look to demonstrate a good level of CTR (Click Through Rate) and engagement rate. When you run the data through Locomizer this are our core delivery metrics and we have seen increases of more than 100% on traditional general audience data.

As such we have been recognised by the 2016 Huddle Trends report as one of four Proximity 2.0 companies to watch in 2016.

Using the Locomizer platform we are able to increase the value of existing campaign data by unlocking insights that were previously unavailable in the data.

What about if you could filter by lifestyle interest categories and by times of day, across any age group, add affinity scoring, filter by location and be able to see the best place to put an advert all mapped out in a heat map?

Now there is. Here is a demonstration and a small example of this profiling in action.

Locomizer geo-behavioural heatmap demo

Our market is a global one with the ability to consume and cross reference multiple data sets from any geographic audience location we ensure our marketing partners differentiate themselves on marketing campaigns.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss specific campaigns and to demonstrate this in real world terms. I can also provide a copy of the Huddle Trends report 2016 if anyone would like it please email me craig@locomizer.com

Author: Craig Marston

MWC – visit our booth and learn about geo-behavioral profiling



Locomizer is exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 22nd – 25th this year. If you are attending, our team would love to chat with you! Send us a meeting request to info@locomizer.com or visit our booth. You will find us in at Hall 5 Congress Square, Catalonia Pavilion Booth CS50.


If you are on a demand side, learn how you can differentiate by adding GEO-BEHAVIORAL profiling to otherwise plain vanilla ad inventory. We will show how you can stand out and attract brands by offering the brand-centric audiences.


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But there is more. If you have a need of understanding consumer behavior for business-to-consumer marketing, business intelligence and analytics, including but not limited to out-of-home, ecommerce, mobile payments, insurance, retail, security and surveillance, crowd management and urban planning markets, drop by our booth to learn how we are enabling a GEO-BEHAVIORAL INTEREST GRAPH – a dynamic, rich, contextual knowledge about footfall for any given place by day part.

Locomizer is driving the paradigm shift from location-based to location-behavioural targeting with our proprietary Biological Intelligence know-how. After all, location is not just about where someone is. Ask us what does it mean at MWC.

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