Locomizer announces Audience Map for Japan, forms an alliance with leading inbound marketing specialist Nightley

Locomizer, the company applying Biological Intelligence (BI) to match brands with relevant audiences for effective targeting ROI, today announced that it has partnered with Nightley, Japan’s leading social media analytics company and provider of Inbound Insights tool for tracking and visualizing foreign tourist hotspots on a map.

Locomizer and Nightley announce a tie-up in Japan

The alliance between two creates a unique opportunity to leverage both companies’ strengths and expertise in geo and social media data analytics to complement each other solutions and make them more appealing to customers.

For Japan, Locomizer readies its launch of Audience Map, a targeted broadcasting platform to discover dynamic audiences for out of home (OOH) and geo-fence targeting campaigns. The platform is an ideal planning tool for agencies and brands that want to reach out to receptive crowds with a street-level granularity. The registration for a free seven-day trial version is open now (http://signup.locomizer.com/jp/) and the trial invites will start rolling in a month from today on the first-come, first-served basis.

“Today’s news is an important step for Locomizer to enter Japan market,” said Alexei Poliakov, co-founder of Locomizer. “Nightley is a go-to company for social media and inbound marketing insights as over 3,800 customers have subscribed to their service in Japan. Through today’s agreement, Locomizer Audience Map will now be offered on Nightley’s website. It is a terrific opportunity to instantly create a visibility and awareness of our product in Japan.”

“We are excited to start working with Locomizer on both business and data fronts,” said Yutaka Ishikawa, CEO of Nightley. “Nightley will offer Locomizer Audience Map on our website to create additional revenue streams. From the data deal point, our product Inbound Insight will fuel Locomizer Audience Map and vice versa, complementing our products with proprietary data insights.”

The companies will work closely together on further data integrations and product developments, aiming to offer both companies’ data layers beyond initial service bundles.

Nightley will also leverage Locomizer’s international presence to answer their customers’ requests for coverage beyond Japan market.

For more information about Locomizer/Nightley “Audience Map x Inbound Insight” partnership, visit: http://inbound.nightley.jp/audience_map/ (Japanese). For Nightley’s press release in Japanese, visit: http://nightley.jp/archives/6377

About Locomizer:
London, UK-based Locomizer uses principles of Nature to discover and predict the interests of people based on their real world behavior. Our revolutionary interest-predicting algorithm is based on more than 10 years of scientific research on the development of the nervous systems. Locomizer has a solid track record to be superior in helping brands and agencies find relevant customers and drive up campaign efficiency. Locomizer’s technology is unsupervised and could be scaled instantaneously across audiences, geographies and business verticals. Learn more: locomizer.com

About Nightley:
Tokyo, Japan based Nightley is a leading social media and inbound marketing analytics company, offering its flagship product Inbound Insight to over 3,800 agencies, brands, local merchants and government organizations on a subscription basis. Inbound Insight provides a complete view on foreign tourist footfall across Japan, identifying hotspots among tourists by nationality, gender and other rich filtering options in real time. For more information on Nightley, please visit http://nightley.jp/.

Locomizer Press Contact:
Alexei Poliakov

Logo – http://inbound.nightley.jp/audience_map/img/ii-locomizer@2x.png

SOURCE: Locomizer

Locomizer powers up Posterscope’s OOH campaign for video game Doom

image courtesy: The Drum

image courtesy: The Drum

Locomizer partnered with Posterscope to provide geo-behavioural and social media insights to intelligently identify sites frequent with gamers to promote there a new release of video game Doom by Bethesda studio. This campaign is the second one Locomizer works on for Bethesda’s titles. The first success came with Fallout 4 campaign early this year and which just won Clear Channel’s Outdoor Planning Award for best use of data and insight. The Doom campaign is getting news media’s attention as The Drum breaks the story with greater details about planning and execution the campaign by Posterscope and mentioning Locomizer. You can read the article by following this link.

Posterscope / Target Media / Locomizer win Clear Channel’s Outdoor Planning Award

image credit: Clear Channel

image credit: Clear Channel

Clear Channel crowned Posterscope, Target Media and Locomizer for the best use of data and insight in Bethesda’s Fallout 4 game’s out-of-home campaign. Locomizer’s proprietary audience discovery tool AffinityBI fueled the campaign with precise target audience insights, allowing to plan and execute the campaign in an effective manner:

By putting social data at the heart of OOH planning, Fallout 4 was able to achieve cut-through and take ownership of online conversations.

The use of audience optimisation tools and social media discovery engines, meant an effective mix of data, audience insight and location expertise could be used to develop a precisely targeted campaign.

The creation of ‘virtual hotspots’ identified key locations where target audiences were most engaged with social media while out and about. These areas were then overlaid with striking Out of Home creative, pushing Fallout 4 into the heart of the conversation.

This innovative approach turned Fallout 4 into the must-have game for Christmas.

Our congratulations to great folks at Posterscope and Target Media!

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Havas Media published a great explainer video about our joint work on the out-of-home campaign for Jameson Irish Whisky brand. Havas Media used data analytics from Locomizer to tackle a challenge of moving Jameson from a spirit for ‘Dads’ to one for ‘Lads’ (broadly Men 25-34). The objective was to drive uplift in core brand metrics, increase saliency and increase relevance to lads target. Watch the video to learn what happened next.

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