Maximising advertising spend through qualified targeted marketing


We live in a world full of information and insight into how we behave. There is information available on what we buy, where we spend our money, where we travel to and from at which times of day and even what we think about things.

This data generated is tracked through closed schemes run by networks and retailers and some is publically available as we tweet, post or message freely from our numerous devices. We are no longer tied to a location which makes it more difficult to ensure we get the intended advertising messages.

All of this available information is of great value to our marketing partners who are looking for better ways to profile social and geo data so they can device better ways to get their message to the right person first time.

Traditionally there are categories of data that will be purchased to look at the behavioural movements of a target audience. These are things like Footfall Flow and Demographics. Depending on who you purchase data from you tend to get one or the other or in some cases both. Although interesting in terms of what this data represents it is not without its limits and usefulness. There is still very much an element of scatter gun marketing required when using this data.

Locomizer consumes multiple data types across footfall, and social media sources then categorises the single combined data set into lifestyle category keywords refined by our patent-pending algorithm that filters by location, interests, sentiment and other unique filters allowing our marketing partners to identify the best physical location and time of day to advertise.

Using the Locomizer platform we are able to increase the value of existing campaign data by unlocking insights that were previously unavailable in the data. Advertisers look to demonstrate a good level of CTR (Click Through Rate) and engagement rate. When you run the data through Locomizer this are our core delivery metrics and we have seen increases of more than 100% on traditional general audience data.

As such we have been recognised by the 2016 Huddle Trends report as one of four Proximity 2.0 companies to watch in 2016.

Using the Locomizer platform we are able to increase the value of existing campaign data by unlocking insights that were previously unavailable in the data.

What about if you could filter by lifestyle interest categories and by times of day, across any age group, add affinity scoring, filter by location and be able to see the best place to put an advert all mapped out in a heat map?

Now there is. Here is a demonstration and a small example of this profiling in action.

Locomizer geo-behavioural heatmap demo

Our market is a global one with the ability to consume and cross reference multiple data sets from any geographic audience location we ensure our marketing partners differentiate themselves on marketing campaigns.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss specific campaigns and to demonstrate this in real world terms. I can also provide a copy of the Huddle Trends report 2016 if anyone would like it please email me craig@locomizer.com

Author: Craig Marston