Select optimal OOH sites to reach Jameson audience, 25-34 year old men. Jameson is a key focus for Pernod Ricard UK, which continues to invest in the strategy of recruiting a younger adult consumer.


To branch out from focusing simply on physical proximity to bars to ensuring advertising is in the most relevant locations, right across consumers’ lives.


Locomizer applied its proprietary audience discovery engine based on geo-behavioural user interest profiling technology, to enable hyper-targeted advertising – a first for the UK.

By isolating bars and a specific audience, for example Men 18-34, Locomizer inferred other locations this audience dwell (affinity areas).

This led to a two-pronged approach: having OOH sites in proximity to the bar as well as OOH sites in proximity to the non-bar affinity areas, ensuring an extra level of relevance and efficiency. The result is an ‘always-on’ presence for target audience with greater geo penetration.