Locomizer offers a set of Cloud-based, real-time data APIs powered by its core geo-behavioural user interest profiling technology - the Audience Discovery Engine:

Geo-Behavioral Profile API

Retrieves customer interests from their location history and outputs distinctive user interest profiles, making them ideal for relevant targeting, recommendations, all kinds of personalization and user matching. Simply saying, the API helps answering a question of "WHO TO TARGET?"

Footfall API

Provides a detailed, rich, contextual knowledge of any given place by footfall interests and day part. The data feed is a result of aggregating, anonymising, and extrapolating of individual user interest profiles. API empowers marketers to make a decision of "WHEN AND WHERE TO TARGET THEIR AUDIENCE."


We’ve built a very complex patent-pending mathematical solution that is based on the laws of Nature. We call it the Audience Discovery Engine. The Engine enables a new way of audience discovery and segmentation. We believe that our location = our identity. We are, our real-life interests and preferences are a product of our local footprint. By looking at places and surroundings where customers tend to spend their time at, the Audience Discovery Engine generates unique Geo-Behavioral User Interest Profiles - a new way to interpret, store and use positional information. User interest profiles are created with our behavioral model, which was developed through studying of cell movements and patterns in nature. This model analyses your behavior in and around places to understand your real-life interests and preferences.


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Jul 2
Jul 2

You don’t eat artificial anymore, why should your marketing budget?

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Jun 0
Jun 0

Locomizer to compete in TechCrunch PitchOff at the Cannes Lions

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So, what's in the name? Locomizer is a play of several words, including a noun location and verbs maximize and analyze. Figuratively speaking, locomizer means "maximizing the analysis of location."
  • 2013

    Accepted to B2B startup accelerator Collider12 (London, UK)

    Selected by London B2B incubator Collider12 for Winter/Spring 2013 Class and raised our first seed round.

  • 2013

    Built and tested MVP

    Used advice and money from the Collider12 accelerator to build and test our MVP.

  • 2013

    Entering the Silicon Valley

    Selected by San Francisco Momentum startup accelerator for Summer 2013 Class hosted by RocketSpace.

  • 2013

    Made it to Mashable

    Locomizer was named by Mashable a TOP25 UK startup!

  • 2014

    Product Validation

    Successful live trial with McDonald’s

  • 2014

    Product Commercialization

    First commercial contract in Sep 2014

Our Team

Locomizer launched in February 2013 with one mission - to make location relevant! And we've got the best team in the world for the task, possessing a strong domain expertise in adtech, algorithms and subject of behavioral science.