Locomizer’s biology-inspired consumer profiling technology called AffinityBI is revolutionising personalised targeting. It translates individual historic geo signals into user interest profiles - a new way to understand a user’s affinity to real world activities. These can then be used for relevant targeting and recommendations to maximise marketing ROI. AffinityBI algorithm powers two of its flagship products:


The result of retrieving customer interests from their location history and outputting distinctive user interest profiles showing user interest levels (affinity scores) towards specific activities, essential for relevant targeting, recommendations, all kinds of personalization and user matching.


Provides detailed, rich and contextual knowledge of any given place by the level of customer interest to a certain activity at certain points in time. This is a result of the aggregation, anonymization, and extrapolation of individual user interest profiles to the whole population. It empowers marketers to make a decision of "WHEN AND WHERE TO TARGET THEIR AUDIENCE."


Locomizer has invented a new way of audience discovery and segmentation. We believe that our location = our identity. We are, our real-life interests and our preferences are a product of our local footprint. By looking at the places and surroundings where customers tend to spend their time at, our Biology-designed AffinityBI algorithm generates unique User and Place Interest Profiles, making them ideal for matching with relevant services and offers.


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Jun 5
Jun 5

Press Release: UK Startup Locomizer Introduces a Biology-Inspired Smart Geofence

Big brands shared their first results of using this consumer&place profiling technology United Kingdom, 3 June 2016 —London-based Locomizer has invented a new technology to translate physical behavior into digital insights about target audience affinities, allowing to effectively discover and match consumers with relevant brands. Unlike conventional geofence models, Locomizer does not look at consumers’ […]

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May 3
May 3

New Locomizer’s video explainer

Try to explain what you do in a 30 second video piece? You bet. We accepted the challenge and created a video explainer, which we are putting online. What do you think? Is the video helpful to understand what Locomizer is after?

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