Posterscope / Target Media / Locomizer win Clear Channel’s Outdoor Planning Award

image credit: Clear Channel

image credit: Clear Channel

Clear Channel crowned Posterscope, Target Media and Locomizer for the best use of data and insight in Bethesda’s Fallout 4 game’s out-of-home campaign. Locomizer’s proprietary audience discovery tool AffinityBI fueled the campaign with precise target audience insights, allowing to plan and execute the campaign in an effective manner:

By putting social data at the heart of OOH planning, Fallout 4 was able to achieve cut-through and take ownership of online conversations.

The use of audience optimisation tools and social media discovery engines, meant an effective mix of data, audience insight and location expertise could be used to develop a precisely targeted campaign.

The creation of ‘virtual hotspots’ identified key locations where target audiences were most engaged with social media while out and about. These areas were then overlaid with striking Out of Home creative, pushing Fallout 4 into the heart of the conversation.

This innovative approach turned Fallout 4 into the must-have game for Christmas.

Our congratulations to great folks at Posterscope and Target Media!

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