AdWold: “Now Near Next – The Latest View from OOH”

Thank you for a shoutout by PML Group in their piece in AdWorld weekly view from Out of Home: “Now Near Next – The Latest View from OOH

Spot Locomizer on location intelligence map of Europe

It is exciting to see Locomizer placed on the location intelligence map of Europe by good folks at GeoCTRL.

The Guardian: “No rise in workers in UK city centres despite back-to-office plea”

The Guardian writes about the research released recently by the Centre for Cities think tank, mentioning Locomizer data sources:

The number of people going back to work in offices has flatlined in the past two months despite the government push to get more workers into cities to protect Britain’s biggest urban economies from collapse.

Read the whole article on The Guardian’s website.

Image: courtesy of Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty Images

The Times quotes Locomizer data in their series of articles on people behaviour during the lockdown

The Times: “locomizer, a company that studies mobile phone data, said: “Visits to parks and beaches in cities have … risen as the lockdown has gone on. The numbers of people visiting Princes Street Gardens, Glasgow Green and Aberdeen beach were all higher in the middle of April compared with earlier in the month”. Read more…

The lockdown debate fueled by the real world data by Google and Locomizer in this post in The Times. Quoting: “On Tuesday April 28, 62 per cent of Scots left their local area compared with 52 per cent in the rest of Britain, according to Locomizer, a location insights company.” Read more…

Image Credit: From The Times website: “Car journeys in Scotland have risen by 10 per cent in the past week, figures show” JEFF J MITCHELL/GETTY IMAGES

Locomizer in press: “Scottish cities see ‘much larger’ Covid-19 lockdown effects”

The Ferret did a deep dive into data on people behaviour changes prior and during COVID-19 outbreak, confirming that the behaviour change in Scottish cities has been significant – even when compared with similar sized cities and towns across the UK. Locomizer was happy to contribute its data analysis to writing this article. Read the full piece at The Ferret.