AdMetrix announces collaboration with Locomizer

In measuring the volume of the pedestrian audience for outdoor advertising, AdMetrix chose to use the geolocation data produced by a British start-up company founded by Russian scientists.

The AdMetrix project was presented to NABC in November 2018 at the National Advertising Forum. It was announced that TomTom will use GPS-based car traffic data from Apple devices and from the navigation equipment of most car makers to measure the success of outdoor advertising project implementation.

In February 2019, ratings of advertising structures in Moscow based on new data were presented to agencies, outdoor operators, advertisers and auditors. Speaking at the Effective Visual Communications industry conference, AdMetrix CEO Ilya Shershukov announced that all ESPAR ratings for 2018 were recalculated based on data, including car and pedestrian traffic.

The choice of data providers, methodology and knowledge of the inventory play a decisive role in the measurements of outdoor advertising.  Locomizer, with HQ in London, was invited as one of the suppliers of geodata for the AdMetrix project.

Locomizer partners with leading global companies in the field of marketing communications and outdoor advertising and its technology is successfully used by well-known European and global brands, like Mercedes, McDonalds, Bethesda, Diageo, Jameson Whiskey and media firms like JC Decaux and Dentsu.  For example, an advertising campaign created by Posterscope, the world’s largest communications agency in the field of Out-of-Home, used Locomizer technology for an advertising campaign that won the professional British award Clear Channel’s Outdoor Planning Award in the nomination “Best Use of Data and Insights”.

“A person’s behavior in locations can be superficially observed using GPS technology built into mobile devices that are always with you. This data is available through mobile application data aggregators. However, analyzing and classifying behaviors based on location data, as well as determining dynamic hot spots for different behavioral groups is a complex scientific and technological process. People do not randomly go to the nearest cinema and nor eat at the nearest first restaurant. Our brain makes complex calculations that we do not notice when choosing places to frequent. This behavior is unique and Locomizer’s Audience Discovery Platform technology was created to decrypt, interpret and predict behavioral patterns to help companies match their messages to the right people in the right location, ”- commented Alexei Polyakov, CEO of Locomizer.

Ilya Shershukov, CEO of AdMetrix, says: “In solving the problems of determining automobile and pedestrian flows, we are purchasing data from several suppliers. Impersonal quantitative GPS data aggregated and processed by Locomizer algorithms give us a clear, dynamic picture of pedestrian traffic throughout Moscow and the Moscow region. We significantly increased the accuracy of measurements thanks to the Locomizer data. They participate in all new ratings for 2018 and will be used at least until the end of 2019.”


AdMetrix is the only supplier of outdoor advertising monitoring and media metrics (OTS, GRP, R & F) for the Outdoor and Transit segments.

Company Products:

Planning and reporting. Mediametric characteristics (OTS, GRP, Reach, Frequency) are tools for finding the most effective solutions when planning advertising campaigns in outdoor advertising and reporting on their actual results in 40 cities of Russia.

Monitoring The basis for analyzing the strategy and volume of purchases by advertisers, changes in targeted programs and payload of advertising equipment owners, detailed reference information on the types and volumes of advertising media in 51 cities of Russia.

The owners of AdMetrix include research company ESPAR. Based on a long-term license agreement, since January 2019, all ESPAR databases and software are delivered to the market exclusively through AdMetrix.

Company website:

ABOUT LOCOMIZER                                                                                                               

Locomizer, an award-winning provider of location data and algorithms that matches the people to places, is used by organisations worldwide to discover and focus on the right places and audiences.  Locomizer’s patented technology delivers location insights and analysis to support better decision-making and targeting for operational and marketing executives. This includes global brands and outdoor advertising/media agencies to media owners and commercial real estate firms.

Locomizer leverages Esri mapping and location platform to visualize and extend the analysis of this data.

Locomizer uses HERE’s 2D Footprints and Places to profile users based on their behaviour in the physical world

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