Data-driven insights show how people changed their behaviour caused by coronavirus outbreak in UK

The Centre for Cities, a London-based independent, non-partisan research organisation, and Locomizer have joined our efforts to produce data-driven insights on a change in people behaviour caused by the outbreak of coronavirus.

As we all know, Coronavirus has very much constrained where we can go and what we can do. Behaviour changed substantially after the Prime Minister’s call for people to practise social distancing, especially in London and other large cities.

The Centre’s first article last week showed how workers responded to the unfolding coronavirus crisis – those who work in city centres started to change their behaviour before official advice, and the scale and the pace of the response were the biggest in London and large cities. But what about those travelling into city centres on Saturdays?

Using anonymised and aggregated mobile phone data from Locomizer helps us answer this question. Read more…