Locomizer joins San Francisco Accelerator ‘Momentum’

As originally posted on Collider12 blog post, we are happy to announce that Locomizer was accepted to to the startup program Momentum, based in San Francisco.

The 12-week program provides the class with weekly workshops, networking dinners, and an enviable mentor list of Silicon Valley’s top 50 mobile executives. The program team consists of Mario Tapia (AT&T, Disney, Yahoo!), Arte Merritt (Motally,Yahoo!), and Mike Rowehl (Admob, Chomp, Metaresolver, Skyfire).

The Momentum program is more of a graduate level program, geared to help accelerate businesses in the mobile space, as opposed to teaching startup basics, making it perfect for Locomizer, who are more than ready to take on Silicon Valley.

Venture Beat also covered the kickoff of Momentum in their exclusive post (read more).