Locomizer partners with Dentsu Aegis Posterscope Russia to fuel their success with GDPR-compliant location intelligence data


Example of Locomizer audience heatmap for Moscow

Dentsu Aegis’ outdoor advertising specialist Posterscope Russia and Locomizer have signed an agreement to collaborate on creating unique audience insights for Posterscope to drive more effective campaign planning and execution of their customer success stories.

The companies are working together to define the most requested audience interests and visualize them as heat maps for easy comparison and discovery of the right audience whereabouts and map them to specific campaigns. Using its GDPR-compliant Audience Discovery Platform (ADP), Locomizer will create heat maps that are abstract data layers that do not contain any personal information, eliminating any risks of breaking anyone’s privacy.

“Locomizer discovers target audiences in a more granular way than was previously achievable on the market. This allows us to smartly select optimal sites for advertising based on a clear understanding of brand-centric audience insights, making sure we are not missing any hotspots for target audience,” said Anatoly Kupreev, CEO of Posterscope Russia.

“We are delighted that Posterscope Russia selected us after rigorous tests and trials in which we proved the applicability for our audience discovery solution in a new geography. It is a great pleasure to work with such smart people and we are looking forward to expanding in the Russian market,” said Alexei Poliakov, Locomizer CEO and Co-Founder.

Locomizer have patented a unique method of explaining and predicting consumer behaviour in offline world. This allows the company to discover non-obvious hotspot locations with receptive audiences. Based on the notion that our place preferences define our real life interests, Locomizer offers location intelligence to a range of businesses, including advertising agencies, consumer brands, retailers, insurers, and city planners to tap into hyper-local consumers’ footfall behaviour that reflects their interests. What makes this offer even more compelling is that the outcome of Locomizer analysis is a totally GDPR-compliant data solution.