Locomizer powers up Posterscope’s first campaign of its type in UK for Jameson Irish Whiskey

Locomizer has provided Posterscope with unique, non-personal, and anonymised behavioural insights about foot traffic to select non-obvious out-of-home ad spots for reaching out to the Jameson Irish Whiskey target audience.

Based on the understanding that the target audience is not always found in close proximity to hot spots like bars and pubs Locomizer applied its Biological Intelligence (BI) know-how to pin-points areas with consumers being highly receptive to Jameson’s campaign, allowing Jameson to “reach their audience at multiple touchpoints throughout their day, increasing frequency of message.”

The campaign is a result of joint collaboration between Posterscope, Havas Media, xAd and Locomizer. It launched on the 18th September and will run in bursts across a total of 7 months.


Posterscope launches ‘UK first’ campaign for Jameson Irish Whiskey

  • Posterscope develops unique campaign for Jameson to target consumers outside of traditional locations and times
  • This is the first campaign of its type in the UK, using Locomizer to enable hyper-targeted advertising
  • Campaign kicked off in conjunction with the Rugby World Cup this month

21 September 2015, London. Posterscope has developed a unique Out of Home (OOH) advertising campaign for Jameson Irish Whiskey that launches today in time for the Rugby World Cup.

The campaign is the first of its kind in the UK and will enable Jameson to branch out from focusing simply on physical proximity to bars to ensuring advertising is in the most relevant locations, right across consumers’ lives.

Posterscope will be using Locomizer, an audience discovery engine based on geo-behavioural user interest profiling technology, to enable hyper-targeted advertising – a first for the UK.

Jameson’s campaign will target drinkers throughout their week by looking at places and surroundings where customers tend to spend their time using a new technique of audience discovery and segmentation. This targeting strategy will allow Jameson to reach their audience at multiple touchpoints throughout their day, increasing frequency of message.

Ryan Hedditch, Business Director at Posterscope said: “This is a fantastic evolution of targeted advertising and we, in partnership with Havas Media, are excited to be putting it into action for Jameson. We have analysed modelled and historic data on all of those customers we want to be able to reach. Understanding location behaviour of consumers allows us to identify geographical hotspots where our audiences are likely to congregate at, when they are not at the interest affinity locations.”

Vicky Hoey, Head of Marketing at Jameson said: “We are very excited about this unique campaign, which will enable us to gain increased cut-through and resonance with our audience. This is particularly important during these upcoming sporting occasions where consumers will be inundated with advertising.”

Toby Hawkins, Account Director at Havas Media, said: “This campaign will enable us to target Jameson consumers throughout their week and not just when they are headed to the pub for a drink. Locations and format have been chosen with this in mind.”

Posterscope’s data has also allowed them to improve format targeting. The campaign will utilise location-based digital advertising in partnership with mobile media partner xAd, as well as digital roadside screens in high footfall locations, large format digital screens powered with Dynamic Digital OOH and Underground LCDs.

The campaign launched on the 18th September and will run in bursts across a total of 7 months.


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