Locomizer to power world’s first ‘Smart Street’ with Footfall Insights


Locomizer, the worlds leading biological market intelligence company, is proud to team up with The Dandy Lab on the launch of their newest pop-up retail experience in the heart of London’s West End by providing untapped consumer insights.

Powered by Biological Intelligence know-how and aggregated footfall history, Locomizer proprietary algorithm calculates the interests of shoppers who pass by the area, providing retail brands and property operators with dynamic consumer or staff insights at a street level. Locomizer understands that each place has it’s own identity, which can change at different times of day as people with specific interests come and go.

Thanks to Locomizer’s revolutionary geo-behavioral audience profiling, now it is possible to know not only how many people pass by your venue, but also what their top interests are by day part. This information is invaluable for brands as they can make data-driven decisions on when to launch an hourly flash promotion to cater to a specific interest of shoppers or tailor their in-store shelf inventory accordingly to stay relevant to the people in that location.

Equally, property operators and landlords can lure more tenants by having on Locomizer footfall analytics that depicts the audience interests on site and effectively matching audience interests with tenant offerings.

‘Locomizer empowers the B2B element of The Dandy Labs’ smart retail concept on Bird Street by providing pop up shop owners and landlords with unique footfall interest analytics and measurement reporting enabling them to stay relevant and better connected to their customers’. – Julia Bainiaksina, Co-Founder, The Dandy Lab.

‘The ability to understand people on the high street in a dynamically changing context revolutionizes off- line shopping by giving it data-driven insights such as visitation rates and shopper profile information by time of day, data that has only available to online retailers in the past. Locomizer is excited to be pushing boundaries in this market with our geo-behavioral and location affinity analytics’. – Alexei Poliakov, Co-Founder, Locomizer.

Locomizer works with huge volumes of raw location data and the results are outputted in the form of online interactive audience heatmaps that can be viewed by day part, showing what kind of shoppers are nearby at any given time period.