Locomizer welcomes Jayne Chace as a key advisor on strategy as the company enters the scaling phase


We are happy to announce that Jayne Chace will be joining our advisory board to further strengthen our growth strategy in cross-market and international expansion areas. Jayne Chace has 25 years international expertise in building brands, business development, sales enablement tools and training, partner/channel management, strategic communications and transformational marketing that delivers value to the bottom line.

“Jayne’s agreement to join Locomizer comes at a vital moment as we are readying our SaaS product ‘Audience Discovery Platform’ for a commercial launch. We hope to tap into Jayne’s expertise for her to guide us on key management issues, fundraising and product marketing. I am excited to see what started as a friendly chat over coffee to become a fruitful business commitment,” said Alexei Poliakov, Locomizer CEO and Co-Founder.

With diverse experience as CMO, consultant and Board Director in blue chip companies, start-ups, venture capital and private equity, Jayne has built a reputation for delivering outstanding results, launching products and services globally in multiple market sectors and taking B2B and B2C companies for successful IPOs and acquisitions.

Jayne began her career as a history professor in America.  She is also a Board Advisor for Device Pilot, Infertile-Life and Wayra/Telefonica Accelerator and speaks in MBA programs and conferences. For more details see:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/JayneChace