Locomizer: what is in the name?

Surprisingly, we didn’t spend much time on deciding the name for our startup. The name locomizer came up early in the email exchange and earned approval from all co-founders. We did a quick check on the availability of the domain name and bingo – locomizer.com was ours next day.

"maximizing the analysis of location"

So, what’s in the name? Locomizer is a play of several words, including a noun location and verbs maximize and analyze. Figuratively speaking, locomizer means “maximizing the analysis of location.” Yes, it describes very neatly what we’re working on:

Locomizer is an analytics platform to build geo-behavioral Interest Graph by capturing location updates like check-ins. We’re focusing on providing insight into consumer geo-behavioral patterns and real-life attitudes for businesses aiming to monetize their Social Graph properties through better matching, targeting & personalization capabilities.