Locomizer announces ‘Attribute’ to measure OOH campaign effectiveness

The depth, compliance and accuracy of location data continues to hamper OOH advertisers’ efforts to correctly attribute uplifts in in-store visits to specific marketing activity.

To address this problem, Locomizer has now launched ‘Attribute’, to help marketers see how their OOH campaigns are driving footfall. ‘Attribute’ is a natural extension of Locomizer’s award-winning proprietary algorithms, which use deterministic methods to more accurately attribute store visits to discrete OOH campaigns.

One of the key ingredients of ‘Attribute’ is having access to the world’s most advanced POI data. Having partnered with HERE, ‘Attribute’ integrates Here’s 2D Polygons which help resolve which store you have visited in a multi-level shopping center, further ensuring accuracy.

“Not only can we offer peerless behavioral informatics for OOH campaign targeting, we can now offer valuable analytics for retailers looking to see what uplift their OOH advertising activity has achieved.  Using our patented algorithms, Locomizer can accurately attribute store visits and show you how your campaign is influencing footfall,” says Dr Alexei Poliakov, CEO and co-founder of Locomizer.

‘Attribute’ is currently offered as a post campaign analysis tool but will be upgraded to work in real time to support the optimization of digital OOH campaigns. 


Locomizer, an award-winning provider of location data and algorithms that matches the people to places, is used by organisations worldwide to discover and focus on the right places and audiences.  Locomizer’s patented technology delivers location insights and analysis to support better decision-making and targeting for operational and marketing executives. This includes global brands and outdoor advertising/media agencies to media owners and commercial real estate firms.

Locomizer leverages Esri mapping and location platform to visualize and extend the analysis of this data.

Locomizer uses HERE’s 2D Footprints and Places to profile users based on their behaviour in the physical world

To learn more visit www.locomizer.com