Locomizer expands its geo-behavioural analytics to commercial real estate

Locomizer today announces it has become a supplier to CBRE providing its location intelligence and audience insight services. Locomizer delivers unique geo-behavioural insight reports which give the ability for companies to identify and clarify which location will best serve their operational requirements, from both a consumer or workforce perspective.

The Locomizer platform is able to accurately match workforce requirements to a specified place and visa-versa, ensuring a business locates where it is most likely to be able to attract the talent necessary to provide a sustainable workforce. The application of the audience and site data allows commercial real estate companies to more effectively evaluate the advantages and suitability of one site to another.

“Our physical movement patterns reveal much about who we really are and by applying the Locomizer algorithm to historical geo-location and social media data, we are able to produce behavioural reports that are more powerful and meaningful for our clients ” said Locomizer co-founder Alexei Poliakov.

“Our starting point is in the understanding that each place has it’s own identity, which can change at different times of the day as people with specific interests come and go. Locomizer is able to profile both places and people then present these insights in an easily understood manor”.

About Locomizer

Locomizer Ltd is an award winning global leader in the application of artificial intelligence biometric and spatial analytics to help classify multiple different types of human behaviour. Backed by more than 10 years of leading scientific research, Locomizer has invented a new way of connecting the emerging parallel digital world to physical real-world environments. Locomizer is rapidly enhancing the way that companies can discover and segment a whole range of places, audiences and demographics. The company’s unrivalled location insights and analysis support better decision-making and targeting for operational and marketing executives across a whole range of sectors. Please visit our website at www.locomizer.com