Locomizer participates in launching Japan Chapter of Location Based Marketing Association

<Press Release>

Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) Japan Chapter LBMA Japan, an organization for location-related marketing businesses, has been established.

-Aiming to develop common rules for marketing, business promotion and operation using location information- https://thelbma.com/

In accordance with this mission, LBMA Japan is a place for sharing, discussing, and collaborating on location-based business among members through the participation of member companies of various business entities centering on location. In this way, we aim to accelerate innovation in location-based marketing.

In addition, we aim to create “LBMA Japan Common Guidelines” that can be used as indicators by members and related businesses in order to support the safe operating environment and innovation of each member in the location-based business.

The businesses participating in LBMA Japan are as follows. (Alphabetical order)

  • AdInt Inc.
  • Agoop
  • BlogWatcher Inc.
  • Cinarra Systems Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Connectum Inc.
  • Foursquare Labs Co., Ltd.
  • Geologic Inc.
  • GroundTruth Japan
  • Jorte Co., Ltd.
  • Locomizer
  • Night Ray Co., Ltd.
  • Pinmicro Corporation
  • Town Wifi Inc.
  • Unerry Co., Ltd.
  • xLocations Co., Ltd.

Press release in Japanese is available by following this link: https://www.value-press.com/pressrelease/230147