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New Locomizer’s video explainer

Try to explain what you do in a 30 second video piece? You bet. We accepted the challenge and created a video explainer, which we are putting online. What do you think? Is the video helpful to understand what Locomizer is after?

Locomizer powers up Posterscope’s OOH campaign for video game Doom

Locomizer partnered with Posterscope to provide geo-behavioural and social media insights to intelligently identify sites frequent with gamers to promote there a new release of video game Doom by Bethesda studio. This campaign is the second one Locomizer works on for Bethesda’s titles. The first success came with Fallout 4 campaign early this year and […]

Posterscope / Target Media / Locomizer win Clear Channel’s Outdoor Planning Award

Clear Channel crowned Posterscope, Target Media and Locomizer for the best use of data and insight in Bethesda’s Fallout 4 game’s out-of-home campaign. Locomizer’s proprietary audience discovery tool AffinityBI fueled the campaign with precise target audience insights, allowing to plan and execute the campaign in an effective manner: By putting social data at the heart […]

Havas Media releases Jameson Irish Whisky video case featuring Locomizer

Havas Media published a great explainer video about our joint work on the out-of-home campaign for Jameson Irish Whisky brand. Havas Media used data analytics from Locomizer to tackle a challenge of moving Jameson from a spirit for ‘Dads’ to one for ‘Lads’ (broadly Men 25-34). The objective was to drive uplift in core brand metrics, […]

Advertising campaigns fueled by Locomizer data report significant uplift and get nominated for prestigious marketing awards

It’s a busy time for marketing award announcements for out-of-home advertising campaigns here in UK and some good news pops up for our partners and locomizer team. We are very proud to say that two campaigns fueled by Locomizer AffinityBI algorithm’s consumer data insights were short listed for industry awards. Jameson Campaign run by Havas Media […]