Press Release: UK Startup Locomizer Introduces a Biology-Inspired Smart Geofence

Big brands shared their first results of using this consumer&place profiling technology

United Kingdom, 3 June 2016 —London-based Locomizer has invented a new technology to translate physical behavior into digital insights about target audience affinities, allowing to effectively discover and match consumers with relevant brands. Unlike conventional geofence models, Locomizer does not look at consumers’ current locations in isolation. Instead, the startup looks into historical behavioral patterns, by analyzing billions of geo signals and recognizing consumers’ affinity to certain places and real-life activities. As a result, the company creates consumer footfall heatmaps to show target audiences on a map, and a database of individual geo-behavioral interest profiles. Locomizer’s technology effectively drives marketing ROI by increasing relevancy of brand messaging, successfully predicting consumer interests in retail locations, and intelligently planning and managing events and urban development.

The startup recently received investments from international funds Impulse VC and Phystech Ventures in a seed round of $300K. The follow on investments in the startup may go up to $1.5M by the end of 2016. The raised capital will be primarily used for the international expansion of Locomizer.

Locomizer’s unique technology of audience discovery and segmentation, called Affinity(BI), is based on biological research into cell behavioral models by Dr. Alexei Poliakov, a cofounder of Locomizer.

“Locomizer is a good example of how the real world is being digitized and converted into big data, to create value-added products and services for their customers and end-users. This is just one of a few projects that bring a real ‘tech’ meaning to adtech,” says Impulse VC managing partner Kirill Belov.

Phystech Ventures managing partner Olga Maslikhova adds, “At the moment, Locomizer is focused on winning in adtech space, but the company is not limited to just adtech, as it has all of the capabilities to push its ‘data-as-a-service’ analytics platform across multiple verticals. The technology can be successfully applied in insurance, retail analytics (time-based promotions, competitive analysis, in-store shelf layout and finding suitable locations for new store openings), and e-commerce (powering product recommendation engines). The startup has already gained a foothold in EU, Japan and US markets. We recognize a huge opportunity for Locomizer to enter and be successful in the Southeast Asia markets as well. Phystech Ventures has a strategic presence there and will support Locomizer’s business development.”

Locomizer’s technology to intelligently discover target audiences has already won the acceptance within the advertising world. Clear Channel crowned Posterscope for the best use of data and insight in Bethesda’s Fallout 4 game’s out-of-home campaign, fueled by Locomizer: .
The advertising campaign for Jameson Irish Whisky targeted at new young adult audiences delivered smashing results, exceeding the brand’s expectations:

Alexei Poliakov, a second co-founder and namesake of Dr. Alexei Poliakov says, “Our technology is a smart geofence. Instead of relying on target customers’ close proximity to key locations, we discover and recommend non-obvious places with high affinity to brands, which has never been more possible than with Locomizer’s insights. Our targeting is not location-based, but better – it’s based on where you’ve been in the past. There is an important difference here; while we recognize the significance of location as an indicator of your interests, once we have a good understanding of your profile, relevant offers can be sent to you, regardless of your current location.”

Locomizer continues to improve the functionality of its Affinity(BI) technology by designing new patent applications and adding filtering, matching, and predictive algorithms. The aim is to enrich the generated profiles with more granular information, allowing segmentation across multiple customer attributes in a campaign planning and real-time mode.

The company does not collect consumer data directly, but relies on their data partners to establish trust relationships with customers, gaining permission to share their non-personally identifiable data. Locomizer’s Affinity(BI) has a natural fit with adtech and out-of-home advertising solutions, but its application can be easily expanded to other verticals to better understand consumer behavior for marketing purposes.

About Impulse VC
Impulse VC is a venture investment vehicle, with the focus on technological Internet companies. Our infrastructure includes an investment fund, accelerator and business incubator, all designed to support and raise strong technological teams.

About Phystech Ventures
Phystech Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm focused on investing in high-tech companies in IoT, connected platforms, cybersecurity, efficient energy use, oil & gas, and new materials across the US, South-East Asia and Central and Eastern Europe.

New Locomizer’s video explainer

Try to explain what you do in a 30 second video piece? You bet. We accepted the challenge and created a video explainer, which we are putting online. What do you think? Is the video helpful to understand what Locomizer is after?

Locomizer powers up Posterscope’s OOH campaign for video game Doom

image courtesy: The Drum

image courtesy: The Drum

Locomizer partnered with Posterscope to provide geo-behavioural and social media insights to intelligently identify sites frequent with gamers to promote there a new release of video game Doom by Bethesda studio. This campaign is the second one Locomizer works on for Bethesda’s titles. The first success came with Fallout 4 campaign early this year and which just won Clear Channel’s Outdoor Planning Award for best use of data and insight. The Doom campaign is getting news media’s attention as The Drum breaks the story with greater details about planning and execution the campaign by Posterscope and mentioning Locomizer. You can read the article by following this link.

Posterscope / Target Media / Locomizer win Clear Channel’s Outdoor Planning Award

image credit: Clear Channel

image credit: Clear Channel

Clear Channel crowned Posterscope, Target Media and Locomizer for the best use of data and insight in Bethesda’s Fallout 4 game’s out-of-home campaign. Locomizer’s proprietary audience discovery tool AffinityBI fueled the campaign with precise target audience insights, allowing to plan and execute the campaign in an effective manner:

By putting social data at the heart of OOH planning, Fallout 4 was able to achieve cut-through and take ownership of online conversations.

The use of audience optimisation tools and social media discovery engines, meant an effective mix of data, audience insight and location expertise could be used to develop a precisely targeted campaign.

The creation of ‘virtual hotspots’ identified key locations where target audiences were most engaged with social media while out and about. These areas were then overlaid with striking Out of Home creative, pushing Fallout 4 into the heart of the conversation.

This innovative approach turned Fallout 4 into the must-have game for Christmas.

Our congratulations to great folks at Posterscope and Target Media!

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Havas Media published a great explainer video about our joint work on the out-of-home campaign for Jameson Irish Whisky brand. Havas Media used data analytics from Locomizer to tackle a challenge of moving Jameson from a spirit for ‘Dads’ to one for ‘Lads’ (broadly Men 25-34). The objective was to drive uplift in core brand metrics, increase saliency and increase relevance to lads target. Watch the video to learn what happened next.

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