Locomizer and HERE partner in using location data to better define and target audiences

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Locomizer teams up with HERE Maps for global access to HERE 2D Footprints and HERE Places, a database of points of interests (POI). Please see below the official press release for more details (Link). This partnership allows Locomizer to tap into global database of points of interests, which is being constantly updated for newly created and going out of business venues on an international scale. In cooking it is important to have your ingredients fresh, and likewise in our geo-behavioural analysis, POI database needs to be “fresh” in order to provide powerful consumer insights to our customers. HERE Maps expertise in geographic information system (GIS) and mapping is one of the best in the industry and we are very excited to work together with them.

HERE location data helps Locomizer better define and target audiences

July 26, 2018 at 14:00 CEST

Amsterdam and London – When advertising targets the right audience at the right time, it benefits both advertisers and consumers. That’s the aim of a new partnership between Locomizer and HERE Technologies that combines the power of location data and audience segments to bring more targeted insights and ROI to marketers and brands.

Locomizer matches consumers to locations to help retailers, real estate companies, brands and other advertisers better understand consumer groups via advanced algorithms that build segments based not on point store visits, but on historic behavior and long-term affinity patterns. By integrating HERE Places and HERE 2D Footprints into its technology, Locomizer enhances its data science to more precisely identify locations and better determine consumer behavior.

HERE Places Extract—the HERE global database of more than 100 million places—further advances Locomizer’s algorithms and helps improved “location history”. HERE continuously updates its places from thousands of different sources and applies machine learning to identify sites and remove inaccurate, irrelevant or duplicate information. HERE 2D Footprint gives the actual shape and size of a building or location to pinpoint dynamic signals in and around a place of interest, to better predict and identify when relevant consumer groups should be targeted.

“Businesses constantly seek ways to advance segmentation and enhance market insight methodologies with dynamic data,” said Alexei Poliakov, CEO and co-founder of Locomizer. “HERE data helps us to accelerate our international expansion with its global coverage and depth of its insights to provide multiple industries with consistency and accuracy for their advertising initiatives.”

“Locomizer’s approach to data science brings a new way to think about and discover how people interact with their surroundings,” said Herve Utheza, Head of Media, Advertising & Telco at HERE. “The combination of broad, accurate location data and Locomizer’s innovative way to look at neighborhood behaviors creates links between spaces, in which brands that can push advertising creative and experiences to a new level of consumer delight.”

Locomizer services clients in Australia, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, the Netherlands, South Africa, Russia and the U.K.

About Locomizer
Locomizer is an award-winning global leader applying pattern-detection and spatial
analytics to turn raw location data into premium, actionable business insights that match potential customer audiences to real world locations. The patented Audience Discovery Platform reveals behavioral trends and previously unseen relationships between people and places. The data is used by multiple market sectors, including AdTech, Brands, Real Estate and Retail to appraise the strategic decision-making of a location value to maximize ROI and to give competitive advantage. For more information, visit www.locomizer.com.

About HERE Technologies
HERE, the Open Location Platform company, enables people, enterprises and cities to harness the power of location. By making sense of the world through the lens of location we empower our customers to achieve better outcomes – from helping a city manage its infrastructure or an enterprise optimize its assets to guiding drivers to their destination safely. To learn more about HERE, including our new generation of cloud-based location platform services, visit http://360.here.com and www.here.com.

Media Contacts

Alexei Poliakov
+44 787 024 8314 info@locomizer.com

HERE Technologies
Dr. Sebastian Kurme
+49 173 515 3549 sebastian.kurme@here.com
Jordan Stark
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Locomizer partners with Dentsu Aegis Posterscope Russia to fuel their success with GDPR-compliant location intelligence data


Example of Locomizer audience heatmap for Moscow

Dentsu Aegis’ outdoor advertising specialist Posterscope Russia and Locomizer have signed an agreement to collaborate on creating unique audience insights for Posterscope to drive more effective campaign planning and execution of their customer success stories.

The companies are working together to define the most requested audience interests and visualize them as heat maps for easy comparison and discovery of the right audience whereabouts and map them to specific campaigns. Using its GDPR-compliant Audience Discovery Platform (ADP), Locomizer will create heat maps that are abstract data layers that do not contain any personal information, eliminating any risks of breaking anyone’s privacy.

“Locomizer discovers target audiences in a more granular way than was previously achievable on the market. This allows us to smartly select optimal sites for advertising based on a clear understanding of brand-centric audience insights, making sure we are not missing any hotspots for target audience,” said Anatoly Kupreev, CEO of Posterscope Russia.

“We are delighted that Posterscope Russia selected us after rigorous tests and trials in which we proved the applicability for our audience discovery solution in a new geography. It is a great pleasure to work with such smart people and we are looking forward to expanding in the Russian market,” said Alexei Poliakov, Locomizer CEO and Co-Founder.

Locomizer have patented a unique method of explaining and predicting consumer behaviour in offline world. This allows the company to discover non-obvious hotspot locations with receptive audiences. Based on the notion that our place preferences define our real life interests, Locomizer offers location intelligence to a range of businesses, including advertising agencies, consumer brands, retailers, insurers, and city planners to tap into hyper-local consumers’ footfall behaviour that reflects their interests. What makes this offer even more compelling is that the outcome of Locomizer analysis is a totally GDPR-compliant data solution.

Locomizer granted patent in Japan as company builds strong IP around the world


LONDON, June 25, 2018

Locomizer is determined to build strong IP around the world as one of company’s strategic pillars to enter new markets and help companies leverage the power of place and match audiences to location. Last month we reported the approval of our patent application in the U.S. and today we are excited to announce that Japan has also confirmed the grant of a Japanese patent for our innovative location intelligence IP. The news comes at the right time as Locomizer is building momentum in this market by localizing its product and entering into partnerships with formidable players. The company will continue obtaining patents in key international markets to supercharge its growth.

photo credit: Dakiny Tobu Railway “Crayon Shin-chan” Wrapping Train : 東武鉄道クレヨンしんちゃんラッピングトレイン via photopin (license)

Locomizer joins ranks of global Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) to collaborate with industry best on untapped business potential of location intelligence

locomizer-lbma-memberLondon/Tokyo, 4 June 2018 Locomizer has officially become a member of the Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA), an exclusive group of 450+ industry movers and shakers. The company is honored to join the “fastest growing industry association on the planet” whose goal is to share knowledge about best practice business cases of location data usage. Given the concern about personal privacy, multiple industries have taken a keen interest in LBMA and its programs that accelerate the adoption of GDPR-compliant location-based analytics and intelligence.

“We launched Locomizer with the goal of enabling companies in myriad market sectors to harness location intelligence to accelerate marketing ROI while simultaneously protecting personal data. Thus, GDPR compliance was designed into our Audience Discovery Platform technology from the start. Being an LBMA member provides an opportunity to be more vocal about the benefits of geo- behavioral user and place interest profiling and targeting,” said Alexei Poliakov, Locomizer CEO and Co-Founder.

“We’re excited to have Locomizer on board and look forward to working with their team to grow this industry globally, challenge the current data location models and ultimately bring the power of Who/Where to the forefront,” said Asif Khan, LBMA Founder and President.

For more details, watch The LBMA’s latest weekly video podcast – “This Week In Location Based Marketing” as Khan announces Locomizer joining the organization (scroll to 36:30 time stamp).